Hüttengaudi at Supremesurf!

11.12.2012 16:14 News-English


Wintery atmosphere, and Mega Deals.


This coming Sunday the 02.12, between 01:00 pm- 06:00 pm come and join us for some hearty Hüttengaudi at Supremesurf. 


Enjoy GLÜWEIN and JAGATEE along with the traditional Aprés Ski music, to get you in the Winter Ski Holiday Feeling. 


For those of you who are looking for some SNOWBOARD EQUIPMENT – you will get some Amazing Sets to go with the 1st Advent. 


Matching Music  “à la Almhütte“ will get you in the right mood for some lovely Cheesey Noodles (KÄSESPÄTZLE), and what is a 1st Advent without some lovely LEBKUCHENHAUS decorating – join in on the fun action this Sunday!