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Alpine surf safe ear plugs

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Alpine surf safe ear plugs

Alpine developed the Alpine SurfSafe earplugs specially for watersports enthusiasts. As well as the water and wind, traditional earplugs block out ambient noise. This upsets balance and hinders communication. The special filters of the Alpine SurfSafe keep the water and wind out of the ears and the sound within.

  • Specially designed for watersports enthusiasts
  • Keeps cold, water and wind out of the ears
  • Minimal damping of ambient noise, communication remains possible
  • Prevents ear infections and Surfer?s Ear
  • Prevents the tearing of the eardrum during a fall on the water
  • Does not affect the balance
  • Optimum fit due to the soft AlpineThermoShape? material
  • Filters made of strong water- and wind-proof material
  • Easy in and out; one size fits all, no difference between left and right
  • Does not irritate the skin, thanks to the soft and silicone-free material
  • With free pouch, handy elastic cord and Alpine Clean cleaning spray (5 ml)
  • Reusable


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