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Lost Bottom Feeder

Artikelnummer: 2000000034584

Kategorie: Wellenreitboards


659,00 €

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Lost Bottom Feeder

Our latest board design for riding the smallest waves possible.
A board that feeds and thrives off the bottom end of the wave spectrum.
I was feeling held back a bit by the wide noses on the Plank and Uber-Plank, and wanted to make a board with more outline curve and no wings, something more elliptical. This board has a lower entry rocker than I have ever done and uses rolled belly to keep it from catching.
The belly continues through the center but features a double concave sitting inside it. Which creates a tri-plane hull featuring a soft chine in the rail. This feeds water through the hull and gives it a feeling closer to a concave bottom board.
The tail features enough rail rocker and hip to allow aggressive direction changes in tiny surf without losing speed. A am feeling outlines that are more and more clean, with less wings and fancy, trendy tail shapes. This board showcases that concept.
It?s designed as a quad, but it can be made a 5 fin as well. I prefer it with Future Fin boxes and fiberglass ?controller? fins.

Die Farbe kann abweichen von dem Bild. Daher bitte erst mit uns kontakt aufnehmen und wir sagen dir, welchen Style wir haben! :)

!!!Wir können auch andere Modelle/Größen und Designs shapen lassen!!!  ;-)

Dim Chart:

5?4sm 20.50 2.32
5?6sm 21.00 2.38
5?8 21.50 2.50
5?10 22.00 2.63
6?0 22.50 2.75
6?2×1 23.00 2.80
6?4×1 23.50 2.88

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