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Zuparken Early-bird Tickets Start in one week

11.12.2012 16:04 News-English


Next week Wednesday, the 05.12, one day before Nikolaus, Zuparken Festival tickets will be available for the Beach Festival in Kägsdorf (13-16 June 2013).


At 10 pm (5 December 2012) come to the Supremesurf Shop (Eselföterstrasse 26) to get your Tickets – people that arrive in their Bulli will receive a Free beer! Let ZUPARKEN good vibes start now! ;)


At 00 am on (6 December 2012) visit our ONLINE Supremesurf Homepage to order your tickets directly from our online store. 

Entrance cards will be available for 44,44€, Bulli's will be allowed on the festival for 39€ (Car/Auto Ticket). Just like every year, tickets are limited to 1000.


IMPORTANT: the Early-bird tickets will be limited to max 4 Entrance Tickets and 2 Car(auto) Tickets per person

EVERY person needs 1x Entrance Ticket for the Festival – and every car that enters the festival needs 1x Car (auto) Ticket.

For more information regarding any questions you might have, check out our Zuparken Blog or click directly here “Facts, Facts, Facts”


We are already so excited about Summer!!!