Pukas Axel Lorentz 5.10 inkl Fins-Supremesurf
Pukas Axel Lorentz 5.10 inkl Fins-Supremesurf
Pukas Axel Lorentz 5.10 inkl Fins-Supremesurf
Pukas Axel Lorentz 5.10 inkl Fins-Supremesurf

Pukas Axel Lorentz 5.10 inkl Fins

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Axel Lorentz

"The French connection". A Peter Pan syndrome makes this garçon shape foams with a creativeness of a youngster. He ended up at Pukas after dealing by himself in the surfboard market since 1.997, the year he opened a factory at the basque-french territory, the area he calls home.

In 2.000 partnered with Chris Garret for a joint-venture that had them sharing logos, riders and shaping rooms in Australia and France. During his partnership with CG riders such as Emmanuelle Joly (French and European Champ, plus a QS win in England), Jonathan Larcher (French and European Champ), and also Serena Brooke (WT rider), Dave Rastovich…

He also shared his time; he would work in France and helped Peter "punk" Daniels in the Basque Country. By 2009 Axel closed his factory and committed a 100% to our factory, Olatu. Besides working his own shapes and being closer to Peter, he shaped for Kream, worked with Matt Biolos "Mayhem" and learned at Channel Island, travelling every now and then to California to improve his skills.

Along the way he met the "
Lucky Bastards" (Paul & Tristan), legit out of the box french glassers. "C’est la vie!". Nowadays, all of them work at Pukas and team up for a exquisite product. Axel Lorentz’s work has improved so much that he has been upgraded to "Pukas Shaper"and fully commits his shapes and knowledge to the brand since 2012. Axel and these two famous "Lucky Bastards" develop great combinations of shapes with even better pigment and polish works with the adding of fabrics and extras of their own; Pukas models such as the "Pukas Original Sixtyniner" or the "Pukas Dirty Devil" are just some of their glamorous and trendy works.

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