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Beginner Windsurfing CampBeginner Windsurfing CampBeginner Windsurfing CampBeginner Windsurfing Camp

Beginner Windsurfing Camp

Have you ever stood on a beach, with the wind blowing through your hair, and starred at the waves?  Did you get the feeling that there´s so much more to do on the water than just starring at the waves?  Is that feeling constantly in the back of your mind?  That is the feeling of being stocked, a feeling the surfers all over the World experience on a daily´s the heart & the passion that drives them towards the water.

If you want to really live this feeling, then you need look no further than Supremesurf Surf-School.  We offer anyone & everyone the ability to learn Kite-Surfing, Wind-Surfing, Stand-Up-Paddling & Waving riding in a friendly & enjoyable atmosphere.  Our professional, fully licensed Coches & School-Team, together with our brand new equipment; offer a professional, safe and easy start into the world of Surfing.

Our experienced & ambitious Coaches are all Professional Water-Sports men & women.  They are there to share their vast knowledge with you and the other members of the small groups....learning by doing is their preferred method of teaching, and this has lead to us being able to offer you the best beginners courses that the Baltic Coast has.

Do you want to get the most out of your start into the Surfers-World?  Then let us show you how, just as we´ve been able to do with our thousands of previous customers over the past years.


Our Water-Sport Centre in Saal is the home-base for the start of your adventure!

The Supreme Surf-Bus is our exceptional Station which is located right at the waters edge of the Saal Lake.  The bus serves as a multifuctional Surf-School, Shop, Rental Centre, Test Centre & Café.  Then instantly recognisable Red-Double-Decker Bus offers a roof-top terrace & a heated Chillout-Lounge.  The Classroom is the perfect setup for our dry-training simulators and practice areas.  The location offers a long, wide and shallow body of water - perfect for all levels, but especially good for beginners.  The wind can be used from all directions due to the fact that we have a speedboat on hand.

What´s Included In The Camps?

The goal of the 5 day Windsurfing camp is to be able to safely and confidently operate the board & equipment under all conditions.

For this reason safety is our number one priority!  Our teaching & coaching concepts, provided by our experienced and fully licensed coaches are lead by the "learning by doing" motto. Depending on the weather conditions, it is possible to achieve up to 15 hours of "on the water instruction".  The shallow & wide body of water offer the perfect conditions for beginners.  Our evening-entertainment program offers a variety of activities, from simply relaxing under the big blue skies of the north, to BBQ´s and lots more.

The board, sail equipment, wetsuit and use of all of the additional equipment is fully included in the course.  All of our equipment is comprehensively insured.

How does the camp work?

A typical camp tends to follow the following program:

ModaySetting up, rigging the equipment and 180 degree turns
TuesdayStarting in the water & turning
WednesdayTraining & consolidation & steering
ThursdaySteering consolidation & Training "race"
FridayBeach Starts

All aspects of the "water based" training, will be accompanied by theory lessons.

What opportunities do I have in the case of poor weather conditions?

All of our watersporting equipment is available to our campstudents, meaning you can try out other activities on the water, free of charge.  Our Café, together with our roof-top terrace offers the perfect chillout atmosphere.  On top of all of this, there are kilometers of open, sandy beaches to be explored.

What opportunities do I have after the Camp?

If after the 5 days of the camp, you simpy can´t bring yourself to leave - you are more than welcome to extend your stay with us for up to 2 days.  This extension allows you to use all of the equipment, as during the camp, and also offers you the oportunity to be in & around our Coaches (should you have any questions or require help with anything).  The extension cost 49€ per day.  If you would like to extend for more than 2 days, then simply send us an E-Mail and we´ll make a personally suited deal just for you.

At the end of the camp you will have the opportunity to take our VDWS Windsurfing License, which will in turn open the gateway to your World-Wide water sports adventure.


The Surf School is located in Northern-Mecklenburg, right on the edge of the Saal Lake.  Parking costs 4€ per car (passengers +2€) per day.  We can provide an affordable accomadtion in the Surf-Hostel "Schloss Wiepkenhagen" for you.  This hostel is located about 15 minutes by car from our Surf-Station.  Overnight costs are 18€ per night and include breakfast.  For further information and/or reservations of accomodation, please send us an E-Mail.


  • 5 Days
  • A total of 15 Hours of Windsurfing Instruction
  • Teilnehmerzahl 12 Personen
  • Max. 6 Students per Teacher
  • Supervision from a qualified Teacher at all times whilst on the water.
  • Beginner-Friendly Material & Equipment
  • Course Goall: Learning the basics & riding the waves
  • Varied evening program.
  • Free use of the all equipment 
  • No-Wind alternative plans.
  • Comprehensive Insurance for the duration of the course.
  • Accomodation can be arrange by request- (not included in the Camp Price)
  • No hiden costs - only 199€

Dates 2014

CAMP 2722.9. - 26.9.
CAMP 2829.9. - 3.10.

Dates 2015

CAMP 120.04. - 24.04.CAMP 1313.07. - 17.07
CAMP 227.04. - 01.05.CAMP 1420.07. - 24.07.
CAMP 304.05. - 08.05.CAMP 1527.07. - 31.07.
CAMP 411.05. - 15.05.CAMP 1603.08. - 07.08.
CAMP 518.05. - 22.05.CAMP 1710.08. - 14.08.
CAMP 625.05. - 29.05.CAMP 1817.08. - 21.08.
CAMP 701.06. - 05.06.CAMP 1924.08. - 28.08.
CAMP 808.06. - 12.06.CAMP 2031.08. - 04.09.
CAMP 915.06. - 19.06.CAMP 2107.09. - 11.09.
CAMP 1022.06. - 26.06.CAMP 2214.09. - 18.09.
CAMP 1129.06. - 03.07.CAMP 2321.09. - 25.09.
CAMP 1206.07. - 10.07.CAMP 2428.09. - 02.10.

Learning to Windsurf in the middle of an untouched area of natural beauty, meeting people with a common interest, a one-off Atmosphere compiled from enjoyment & relaxing - that´s what Supremesurf Camps offer.