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Supremesurf Stand Up Paddle Beginners CourseSupremesurf Stand Up Paddle Beginners CourseSupremesurf Stand Up Paddle Beginners CourseSupremesurf Stand Up Paddle Beginners Course

Supremesurf Stand Up Paddle Beginners Course

Stand Up Paddle Beginners Course

Learn to Stand-Up-Paddle with the newest material in perfect learning conditions!

Do fancy learning the new trend of Stand-Up-Paddling in ideal conditions?  At our Beachhouse Station in Warnemünde or at our Surfbus Station in Saal offer the perfect mixture of ideal weather conditions and plenty of open opportunities for all levels.  Our experienced, qualified and English Speaking Coaches can show you in this 2 hour course the basics of the New Sport, so that you can head straight out onto the water yourselves afterwards!

The course takes 2 hours.  The rental of the Stand Up Paddle Board & Paddle, as well as Wetsuit & Boots are included within the price.

Stand Up Paddling is a new form of water sport that presents to both fitness & fun on the water. Whilst standing on a long stable board, you move yourself through the water with the aid of an elongated paddle.  One of the biggest advantages of this new sport, is that it is just as much fun even when waves aren´t present at the time of being on the water.  Fitness, fun & the advantage of having a much quicker set up time are all part of this new concept.  Quite simply put - an awesome allrounder activity.

After completing the course you and your friends are more than welcome to rent our equipment and begin an adventure of your own.

For further information or to make an appointment, please call us on 0381-33731180 or send us an Email